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Pepper (ペッパー, Peppā) is Seven's operator and works for Beruhren. Her right arm is a "Hands" unit, the only device that is capable of unlocking the control program in a GSU.




Pepper is using a harmony device to control Hayden Gondry, using him to assassinate people. As he is captured by Juzo Inui and Cronen von Wolf, she loses her control and comments to Seven that she saw another Gun Slave Unit like him. She is a bit annoyed as she was close to being able to kill Mega-Armed Tokisada, but comments that they will see Juzo again.

She receives an order to kill Tokisada and as he is being transported by Olivier Vandeberme, and used Seven to shoot the bus they are in from a distance, immediately killing Tokisada.

Pepper later meets with Hugh Cunningham, who complains that she did a sloppy job killing Tokisada, but she blames the useless harmony device. Hugh explaines that was just a replica and that the original is obviously better, intriguing Pepper. Before leaving, he tells Pepper and Seven to lay low and that he will contact them again when he needs them. But Juzo has caught Pepper's interest and she has different plans.

Juzo returns to his office, where Pepper is waiting for him. She asks him to grant her request and Seven attacks Juzo from behind, but Juzo blocks him. Juzo realizes they work for Beruhren when he sees that Pepper's right hand is Hands, the device used to release the control program of a Gun Slave Unit. Pepper confirms her association with Behruren, but explains that she is there on a personal matter. She asks where Juzo's owner is as she wants to defeat him and take Juzo for herself. She activates Seven's combat program, who attacks Juzo again, but is easily taken down. Seeing Pepper's angry face, Seven stands back up and attacks Juzo one more time, blasting him out of the building. Pepper asks Juzo if he really doesn't have an owner and tells him that he needs to get serious, but Juzo explains that he only uses his powers to complete the requests he accepts from clients. Pepper tells Juzo that this makes her want him even more and runs towards him to attack, but is stopped by Seven, who is being controlled by Tetsuro. She realizes who Tetsuro must be and realizes she shouldn't mess with him now. She licks Juzo's face and leaves with Seven.

Powers and Abilities[]